Exploring Non-Surgical Best Options for Hair Restoration Procedure

People who were losing their hair had few alternatives for restoration in the past. However, modern medical and technological developments have made a wide range of hair restoration procedures possible.

At Hair Transplant & Restoration Center, we provide patients with a range of hair restoration techniques that have been supported by science. There are two main categories for our hair restoration procedures: surgical and non-surgical.

Not everyone can get their hair restored surgically, and other individuals would rather not have surgery. Our non-surgical therapies have had great success with these people.

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Non-Surgical Methods for Hair Restoration Procedure

Even though surgery is a very good choice for hair restoration, you could also wish to consider non-surgical methods as a bridge to surgery and to enhance FUE or FUT outcomes. These therapies can be used as preventative measures and are most helpful when initiated at the first signs of hair loss.

While some patients employ non-surgical procedures until they are prepared for hair restoration surgery, others use these treatments to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Explore Your Alternatives Below For Our Well-Liked Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments:


An FDA-approved drug for treating hair loss is called finasteride. By preventing the formation of DHT, which contributes to the development of pattern baldness, this medicine stops hair loss and encourages regeneration. This medicine may considerably reduce the amount of thinning you experience when used in the early stages of hair loss.

The prescription must be used for a sustained period of time in order to maintain the outcomes since if the patient stops taking it, the body will start producing DHT once more. Finasteride is a great option for people who don’t feel ready to undergo surgical hair restoration, even if it isn’t a permanent solution.


A topical medication used to treat hair loss is called minoxidil. Vasodilators, which enlarge blood arteries, are used in this therapy. Through improved blood flow, minoxidil, when administered topically, enables follicles to get more nutrients. This promotes healthy regeneration and awakens latent follicles from their inert state. Additionally, it removes old hair so that fresh, healthy hair growth may take its place.

For the best benefits, it is often administered once or twice daily. This therapy must be maintained to preserve the benefits, much like Finasteride.


Scalp micro-pigmentation can dramatically enhance the visible scalp’s look in people who have mild hair loss but don’t feel ready for surgery. In a way, scalp micro pigmentation resembles a medical tattoo. Your selected aesthetic will be fully included in the design.

While women often use longer brush strokes to resemble long hair strands, males frequently choose little dots on their scalp to mimic the impression of a complete head of shaved hair. Although the effects are temporary, scalp micro pigmentation is an excellent therapeutic choice for people who want to avoid surgery or invasive treatments altogether.

The Mesotherapy

Meso Hair Regain is a successful medical method for hair restoration that feeds and stimulates the hair follicles to give you stronger, thicker hair. Through micro-needling or tiny injections, a special formulation is injected into your scalp during this process.

Our hair specialists utilize a powerful combination of 56 active components in their recipe. After carefully analyzing the client’s unique needs, they carry out the Meso hair restoration operation. By doing this, they can make sure that the distribution method they have selected will meet their needs and be enjoyable for them.


Toppik is a keratin powder, made from the same protein that hair is made of. It works to quickly and easily create the illusion of thicker hair. This is a fantastic solution for special events, pictures, or while waiting for a hair restoration medication or surgery to reach full effect. Many choose to enjoy Toppik on a daily basis and eagerly add it to their daily grooming routine to ensure the appearance of a full head of hair. Scalp micro pigmentation is another cosmetic procedure option for non-surgical hair restoration procedures. Stop by and view our entire product line and try a free demo today.


The medication Finasteride (also known as Propecia) is the best-kept secret in the field of hair regrowth. DHT a hormone, causes genetically predisposed hair follicles to miniaturize or shrink until they entirely vanish, which is the cause of androgenetic hair loss. Finasteride inhibits DHT. Compared to other non-surgical hair restoration procedures, this medication’s effectiveness and scientific basis are unparalleled. Rarely do side effects occur. Since we write prescriptions, we are delighted to assist you in considering all of your alternatives.


The topical drug on the market that works like fertilizer for the scalp is called Rogaine but is actually called Minoxidil 5%. The outcomes can be outstanding when used in conjunction with finasteride. There are several shampoos, some of which are medicated, that may provide a very minor benefit. A possible option may be topical finasteride. Additionally, we provide Laser Caps, which work to increase density by shining laser light on the scalp.

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