Common Concerns and Myths about Hair Transplantation

A person’s hair has a huge impact on their self-esteem. Numerous hair problems, such as baldness, hair thinning, and hair loss, have a negative impact on appearance and significantly lower self-esteem. These kinds of hair issues can be very detrimental, especially for people who frequently appear on camera and for those whose jobs require a respectable appearance. The greatest alternative for them is hair transplantation.

Due to recent advancements in technology, hair transplant has attracted a lot of attention, and the internet is constantly being updated with new articles on the procedure. AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE INFORMATION AVAILABLE IS INACCURATE OR MISLEADING, CAUSING MISTAKES AND UNCERTAINTY AMONG THE PUBLIC.

Let’s dispel some common misconceptions about hair transplants in order to clear up any misunderstandings about this fantastic hair restoration technique.

Myth 1: Getting a hair transplant is a painful process

The Fact: Because local anesthesia is used throughout the procedure, it has rendered hair transplantation without significant pain. So, be assured that you won’t experience too much discomfort during the procedure, after administration of local anesthesia you don’t have any pain, also we use mild anxiolytics to reduce your stress and anxiety before the procedure.

Myth 2: Hair transplants result in an unnatural appearance

The Reality: Hair transplants performed by Dr.Rejali produce natural results. Because he uses

very small size punches and uses hybrid punches for extraction of grafts so the grafts are small and the results are natural

Myth 3: Hair transplants produce instant results

The Reality: After hair transplant hair follicles go to the rest phase and after 3-4 months they will start regrowing and actual results take about 1 year to be completed.

Myth 4: Hair transplants are exclusively performed on men

The Fact: Hair transplants can be done both in men and women, but usually the percentage of women who are not good candidates for hair transplants is more than men. In women, if they have good donor areas usually the results can be satisfying.

Myth 5: Getting a hair transplant is expensive.

The Fact: Even though hair transplantation is pricey, most people can still afford it. The equipment is now more affordable because of recent advancements in the cosmetics industry, making it available to everyone. Remember that a hair transplant, when done by a professional doctor, is just like a one-time investment that pays out handsomely in the long run.

Myth 6: Visible scars result from hair transplants

The Reality: In FUE hair transplant there are tiny pinpoint scars that are not obvious and can be covered by adjacent hairs, usually patients after getting an FUE hair transplant can have short haircuts.


You need to have fair expectations if you’re considering getting a hair transplant. A hair transplant procedure’s goal is not to reverse baldness or stop hair loss. Hair transplants are excellent options for people of all sexes who want to effectively address the signs of baldness or hair loss. The best news is that you can have thicker, fuller hair with hair transplants, which are frequently permanent, safe, and affordable treatments.

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