Dr.Rejali Hair Restoration offers an advanced hair restoration procedure known as eyebrow hair restoration. Aside from assisting you in expressing yourself emotionally, eyebrows assist people in recognizing and remembering your face. In the field of hair transplant, brow restoration is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you want to modify your entire brow or boost volume, every aspect is covered. Eyebrow hair restoration is a hair transplant procedure that seeks to transplant healthy hair from the scalp to the brow region that lacks hair.


Eyebrow restoration is a procedure for restoring hair loss in the brow region. It acts in the same way as hair transplantation. The procedure typically seeks to improve the look of your brows by increasing volume or shaping the brows. For people who do not have eyebrows, brow restoration procedures can create new ones from scratch.

The process can also be used to shape existing brows to give them a fuller appearance. An eyebrow hair transplant is more difficult to do than other types of hair transplants. Dr. Rejali commonly performs FUE and FUT operations for brow transplantation. The FUE procedure, on the other hand, is the favored method. This innovative technique is popular since no scalpels are required, resulting in no visible scars on the donor site and a very short recovery period.


An eyebrow transplant works in the same manner as a hair transplant, except instead of transplanting hair to balding areas of the scalp, the transplanted hair is implanted in the brow area. The goal of an eyebrow treatment is to restore natural brows. The doctor will undertake this procedure by taking adequate transplant hair from the back of the head or above the ears. This is typically done on brow regions that lack hair totally or have minimal hair growth.

The FUE technique is typically used by the doctor doing this procedure, in which individuals’ transplant hairs are retrieved using punch equipment that removes follicular units without leaving any linear scar. The graft hairs are often processed under a microscope to ensure that the appropriate amount of brow implants are obtained. Once the appropriate quantity of transplant hairs has been collected, they are placed in the desired area using a technique named needle &stick, the utmost accuracy is required while putting graft hairs. To produce a more realistic appearance, the hair strands must be put at the proper angle in tiny incisions. In FUE there will be no need for sutures because the technique does not need the use of scalpels. The entire procedure is micro-surgical; therefore, recovery time will be low. Usually, there are no potential negative effects, thus the patient will resume normal brow growth in a few months.


There are four steps to eyebrow transplantation.

  1. Consultation
  2. design
  3. Graft harvesting with FUT or FUE method.
  4. Graft implantation
  5. Recovery and growth


The physical evaluation will decide the design of the brows. During this phase, Dr.Rejali will investigate a surgical plan while taking into account the patient’s facial traits. He will also assess hair from the recipient location to see if there is enough or any hair on the donor spot.


The exact design of your eyebrow is something that will be worked out and drawn in prior to the transplantation of the new hairs. This is something that is worked on as a team between you and Dr. Rejali, with the goal of getting your eyebrow design to be perfect depending on natural facial features.

Graft harvesting

The initial stage is extracting hair follicles from the donor location. In FUT the doctor excise a small strip from the scalp and then closes the skin with fine sutures. And in FUE the doctor extracts grafts one by one.

Implantation of a Graft

To numb the surgical region, the physician will use a local anesthetic. The transplant hairs are then transferred to the recipient area. To get that realistic look, the doctor will implant donor grafts at varied growth directions and angles. Each eyebrow may require up to 500 grafts throughout the treatment, depending on the desired depth. The process will be finished in a few hours.

Dr.Rejali usually uses needle and stick technique for implanting grafts for eyebrow restoration, he uses very fine needles for implantation.

Most persons who have had their eyebrows transplanted report feeling better within a few days. However, it may cause some surface crusting and bruising. The patient usually can resume normal daily activities within a few days.

Recovery and Growth Phase

Recovery usually takes about 1-2 weeks, in FUT the sutures should be removed in 5-7 days, in FUE.

It takes a few days for the donor area to heal completely. Like other forms of hair transplant grafts will start growing after 3 months and full results will be achieved in nearly one year.

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